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    Technical Resource Center

    Hours of Operation:
    Santa Clara Store - 8AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. Saturday from 9AM to 5PM
    Important: We try to represent what we currently have in our inventory however from time to time we find ourselves short on product. We do the best we can to stay on top of what we have versus what we don't, however we cannot guarentee the item you've ordered is in stock or on back-order. It would be in your best interest to give us a call if you want to be sure. Our sales staff will be glad to assist you.


    HSC Product Information

            Download datasheets and other information for products on our site.

    • SKU# 19988  Optrex
    • SKU# 22268  Heimann Infrared Sensor 
    • SKU# 20217  Rockwell   
    • SKU# 20439  Delta/ EFB Series                                             
    • SKU# 20548  Phihong                                                           
    • SKU# 20271  Delta/AFB12038
    • SKU# 20356  Seiko                                                               
    • SKU# 20426  Force                                                                
    • SKU# 20609  Advantech                                                         
    • SKU# 20625  Hantronix HDM                                                 
    • SKU# 20606  Hitachi LM016                                                   
    • SKU# 21001  Aerocomm                                                         
    • SKU# 21066  Honeywell                                                          
    • SKU# 21116  Step1150
    • SKU# 21333  Video Amp
    • SKU# 80782  CSW WiFi                                                           
    • SKU# 80797  Fujitsu PenCentra
    • SKU# 80815  Orion LCD                                            
    • SKU# 20691  Torodial Transformer
    • SKU# 20795  Hantronix CD16216 
    • SKU# 20696  NCC Pyrosensor
    • SKU# 21417  Alarm Panel
    • SKU# 80815  LCD Display
    • SKU# 95142  Keithley Model 230
    • SKU# 80683  USB Cue-Cat Hacker Information
    • SKU# 21696  Amveco Magnetics MT1000DS
    • SKU# 21726  Samsung LTM170E6-L02
    • SKU# 22012  IM483 Microstepping Driver
    • SKU# 80934  National Instruments nu-Drive


    HSC Information Sharing


    • We do our best to get as much information as we can that may be useful to our customers. If you find something that might be helpful whether it's technical information on a product we carry or access to manuals, etc., send us an email!  We'll post it here for all to see and use. Please e-mail us at

    Technical Data Links and Resources

            Industry links to components datasheet resources. 

          Hard to find Data Sheets

            Electronic and Electrical reference tables. 

          Standard Color Code Chart

        1936 Centralab Resistor Color Code Chart ("dogbone resistors")

            Industry sources and Guides

        Identify IC manufacturers Logos

             A recent transaction called for us to make our own color code for the crystals we offer in our CrystalPak for the Pixie II QRP radio kit. We now have them without the color code but here's a reference should you ever need to look back at what you have in your rig. 

        Crystal Color Code Sheet

    ''How to'' Instructions and links

            Helpful assembly guides for engineers, hobbyists, and students.    

    LED Hook-up Guide                                                         

    Superbright LED Spec's


    HSC Site Resources

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE:  All orders will be shipped minus the products we are out of stock on. If you need to check status on products please call ahead. Our goal is to comply with your needs, but we are restricted by quantities on hand.

    Q: What if HSC Electronics has no more stock on an item ordered? Will you place it on back-order?

    A: This is a great question. If the item you've ordered is listed in the wholesale section, or sales specials the answer is no. Due to the nature of surplus/excess inventory we are unable to backorder for various reasons.

    Q: Do you have a minimum order and/or handling charge?   

    A: Our minimum order is $20.00. Orders under $20.00 will have a $5.00 handling fee added to cover the cost of packaging and processing. Orders over $20.00 will have no added charges.

    Q: Do you have a retail store? 

    A: Yes, we do. We have . Our main office is located in Santa Clara and we have a retail location as well in Rohnert Park to assist our customers.

    Q: Can I use my student discount for online orders?

    A: No, at this time the discount is only available in-store, and valid at all three locations. You must first print the form and have it filled out for the discount.

    NOTE: Many times we will have in-store savings up to 40-50% off. Student discount will not be applied to these items.

    Q: Is this student discount only good for students?

    A: No, we will extend these offers to teachers and schools as well.

    Q: Do you also make repairs or do upgrades? 

    A: No, we do not offer repairs or upgrades at this time.

    Q: Does HSC provide technical support?

    A: In some cases the answer is yes. A lot of our product may be discontinued, or obsolete and information is scarce. We attempt to locate all information on an item and pass that on to our customer.

    Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

    A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Wire Transfers, and C.O.D.'s.

    Q: Do you also accept PayPal? 

    A: Sorry but we do not accept PayPal at this time.

    Q: Would you take a Company Purchase Order? 

    A: In most cases the answer is yes. Download our Corporate Account Application, fill it out and send it back to us. If you want us to fax it to you, give us a call 1-800-442-5833 If you are placing an order for the first time online and have an open NET account, you'll need to call ahead so that we can set up your account as a "Purchase Order" account.

    Q: How would you ship product to me?

    A: Our primary carrier is UPS, however we have many ways of getting your product to you in a timely manner.

    Q: If I buy used equipment is there any type of warranty?

    A: Yes, in most cases we offer a 30-Day warranty. We also sell "as-is" items, which have no warranty. "As-is" will be displayed on the product page in these cases.

    Q: How do I return my product?

    A: Give us a call at 1-800-442-5833 and speak to one of our sales staff that will get your information and supply you with the information you need to return an item. Please note we do not accept returns without authorization.

    Q: Do you ship Internationally?

    A: Yes, in most cases we can ship Internationally. There may be restrictions to what we can ship, and to which countries. If you're unsure, please e-mail us at and our sales staff will be happy to assist you. You should check with your Government as to what can or cannot be sent to your location.

    B: Our basic rule is we ask is that orders $100.00 or more should be shipped via Fed Ex, or UPS for tracking purposes. Smaller orders may go by US Mail, at our discretion.  It may not be possible to ship to some countries, if you have questions, inquire first.  Customer will be liable for all taxes, customs fee's or other expenses that may apply to your order. Payment method for all International orders over $200 will be made via Wire Transfer, and there is a $25 bank charge in addition to shipping charges. Once you enter an order we will send you a proforma invoice with information necessary for the wire transfer. We understand this may be a concern but we find it necessary in order to provide customer service in the event you need to return merchandise, etc.

    HSC Electronics Trivia

    Halted Specialties, aka HSC has been featured in articles by the Dallas Morning News, Nippon News of Tokyo, Newsweek, San Jose Mercury, and the New York Times. Seems they're all interested in this little company that brought something different to the people. Today, as it was years ago people still come from miles around. If for nothing else but to walk the aisles.

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    Litz Wire 33 GA

    7 Strands of 41 GA

    18,000 Ft Rolls



    Ferrite Rods 

    2.025" L. x .48" D. 



    USB to HDMI