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      Product SKU Mfg. Part # Unit Price Qty Add To
    #1 PERF BOARD APROX 1.8" X 1.5" CAL154 64-8931 $.95
    #1 PROJECT BOX APROX 2.7" X 1.7" X 1.2" CAL152 64-8921 $1.75
    #4 PERF BOARD APROX 4.3" X 3" CAL155 64-8934 $1.50
    #4 PROJECT BOX APROX 5.3" X 3.3" X 1.6" CAL153 64-8924 $3.25
    10"D 10"W 8"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB303 UC 978 GREY $68.86
    10"D 8"W 7"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB301 UC 976 GREY $56.75
    12"D 11"W 8"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB304 UC 979 GREY $86.06
    12"D X 7"W X 6"H PAINTED UTILITY CHASSIS LMB302 UC 977 GREY $54.76
    15"D 9"W 7"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB305 UC 980 GREY $85.06
    4"D 4"W 2"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB317 UC 970 GREY $17.46
    5"D 4"W 3"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB316 UC 971 GREY $19.22
    6"D 5"W 4"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB314 UC 972 GREY $24.78
    6"D 5"W 4"H PLAIN UTILITY BOX LMB488 UC 972 PLN $20.93
    6"D 6"W 3"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB298 UC 973A GREY $25.63
    6"D 6"W 6"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB297 UC 973 GREY $30.12
    7"D 5"W 3"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB299 UC 974 GREY $25.64
    9"D 6"W 5"H PAINTED UTILITY BOX LMB300 UC 975 GREY $39.22
    CABINET STANDARD 6-1/4"D 11"W 4"H PTD LMB274 007-1146 PTD $59.13
    CABINET STANDARD 6-1/4"D 7"W 4"H PAINTED LMB272 007-746 PTD $43.78
    CABINET STANDARD 6-1/4"D 9"W 4"H PAINTED LMB273 007-946 PTD $49.78
    CASE LOCK W/KEY 18896 0 $1.95
    CHASSIS 2.5" X 1.625" X .833" 19754 0 $.50
    CHASSIS CROWN ROYAL 8-1/2"D 2-1/8"W 1-5/8"H LMB293 CR 852 $17.95
    CHASSIS INTERLOCK 2-5/16"D 2-1/8"W 1-3/4"H LMB243 00Z GREY $5.36
    CHASSIS INTERLOCK 3-1/4"D 2-1/8"W 1-5/8"H PTD LMB244 000 GREY $7.29
        showing 1 - 25 of 276   next 25

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